Spruce Up Your Summer Style


Elisabeth Malloy, President of Young Democrats at Georgia Southern, walks alongside the rest of the protesters as they march to Eagle Village. 

Brianna Quarterman

By Alexandra McCray and Brianna Quarterman
Spring is in the air, which means summer isn’t far off and as some would say “sky’s out, thighs out.” Instead of wearing your usual spring/summer get up, try adding some trendy pieces to spruce up your wardrobe.
Crop tops don’t have to be revealing if you don’t want them to be. Paired with high wasted shorts, skirts, or pants and you can stay trendy while revealing minimal skin.
 “I love a variety when it comes to style.This season I am really into corals and I like dark colors as well. I like taking risks. I’m into vintage and anything that will stand out. I never want to look the same as everybody else. I try to always change up my style,” said Jasmine Ivey, a junior exercise science major.
Hi-low skirts are great for making your legs appear longer, while keeping them breezy during hot Statesboro summers.
 “I don’t follow trends. I prefer fashion on a budget. I like color, pattern, and statement pieces like brooches, ties, blazers, and graphic prints. I try to go against the standard, and I look to the past and future of fashion for inspiration in the present. Sometimes my ideas don’t work out, and I end up looking but there’s nothing quite like nailing a risky look,” said Taylor Tyson, a senior writing and linguistics major.
Button downs and pants don’t have to be boring, patterns and textures are a simple way to make transform an outfit from traditional to modern.
Don’t forget about accessories. Chunky bracelets and statement necklaces are currently all the rage. They can add color and texture to an outfit without being in your face.
Accessories aren’t just for women. Showcase your personality through shoes and neckwear to put the finishing touches on your outfit.
Revamping your wardrobe for the warmer season doesn’t mean you have to throw out everything. But adding trendy pieces here and there can give you limitless outfit options.
Photos by: Cristen Gullatt