Georgia Southern Life Hacks

Donna Jones

Taking the easy way out usually isn’t the best answer, but it’s the only way to go when talking about life hacks. Here’s a list of helpful and inexpensive college tips to make your time easier at Georgia Southern!

Move-in day 

Moving into your dorm or apartment can be a stressful day for everyone. The last thing you need is the tape to keep sticking back down to the roll. By putting a bread tab on the end of the tape, you’ll never lose your spot again!

Waking up on time for class 


Waking up for classes is definitely a struggle in college. Sleeping past your alarm clock can mean missing class or work. Make sure you wake up on time by putting your phone in a glass before you go to sleep. This way you’ll be able to hear your alarm loud and clear.

Getting through the Boro heat

Let’s face-it , your car is no match for the hot Statesboro heat. To beat the heat in the car, place a koozie on your driving stick. This cool idea (get it?) allows you to turn your gears without worrying about burning your hand! But be aware, this doesn’t do anything for your leather seats! Ouch.
 SN: Koozies are handed out  free at almost every event on campus!

Not having a leaking trash can 

Now that you’re not living at home, you don’t have anyone else to take out the trash for you. Save yourself the trouble and put newspaper at the bottom of your trash bag. This way the newspaper will absorb all of the food juices and other liquids in the trash.

Never get your keys confused newkey

Having up to four different roommates means up to four different keys.
Try painting your room keys different colors to keep from getting confused.

SN: Check with your dorm to see if they allow changes to keys. Purchasing non-permanent paint might be the best option.

By using these college hacks, you can now focus on the more important parts of Georgia Southern like hanging out with friends… and studying!