Follow for Follow: Surviving on Social Media

Asya Fields

Social media. The new version of 15 minutes of fame, where people get slandered and connect with others from around the world. There are people who take social media seriously, and those who just don’t care. Here are some tips from social media gatekeepers to help increase followers for those who want more of a presence on social media.asyaaa
Name: Joseph Hines, Senior, Marketing Major

Favorite Social Media Site: Instagram

Username: mr.jhines
How to get your followers up: Hines says that for him the process of gaining followers was “organic.”

I’m not one of those people that will pay for followers, I consistently posted and gained followers.

Hines feels that if you like pictures and not having to constantly post, the best site to use would be Instagram as opposed to Twitter.
“I could never just post things about what I’m doing constantly, but I would take a picture here and there,” said Hines.
He mentions that he got a lot of his followers from an Instagram page known as Georgiasouthernshoutouts and from joining a fraternity.
“It’s easier to just ask your friends to shout you out and their friends will follow you,” said Hines.

Follower Count: 1548 followers

Name: Erica Hall, Junior, Interior Design Major
Favorite Social Media Site: Instagram
Username: am_erica_th3beautiful
How to Get Your Followers Up: The best way Hall gets her followers is by word of mouth. Another suggestion she has for those trying to get their followers up is using other sites as promo. 

I just meet people and tell them to follow me. I put my Instagram name in my Tinder account so that people from there can follow me too.

Follower Count: 590 followers
Name: Keshawn Harris, Senior, Public Relations Major
Favorite Social Media Site: Twitter
Username: keyharris
asHow to Get Your Followers Up: Getting more followers can be done by using your voice on campus as promotion for your social media account. Harris used his campaign for SGA in the spring to gain followers on Twitter and connect with students.
“I reached out to others and I follow back,” said Harris.
Unlike some others, Harris enjoys constantly communicating with others on social media.

I love to microblog and connect with people across the country to see their perspectives.

Harris feels that the 140 character maximum does not hinder him from hearing these stories and relating to others.
Follower Count: 1,089 followers
Now that you know the best ways to get your social media followers raised, as told by students, you’ll be on your way to 15 minutes of fame in no time!
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Photos by Tahir Daudier