Battle Royale: Your Favorite 90’s Cartoon


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Julia Fechter

Many are dismayed at the cartoons playing on networks such as Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon today. Where are the old cartoons, those nostalgic bits of our childhood?
Rather than dwell on the limited number of “good” cartoons available now, let’s take a moment to reflect on those golden nuggets of entertainment.

Dragonball Z

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A classic for many anime and cartoon-lovers alike, this series followed Goku and his band of comrades as they fought various villains in defense of Earth. The show had many emotional moments, like the times Goku died and was revived, and when the villain, Vegeta, switched sides to help fight against his superior. Martial arts was a key component of Dragon Ball Z. No doubt it left many wanting to act out the show in person, to no avail of breakable items.

Hey Arnold!

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Hey Arnold! chronicled the experiences of fourth grader, Arnold, and his friends (and his not-so-friends like Helga). This show did a great job of balancing humor and adding in more serious themes, ranging from Arnold’s various crushes to Helga’s dysfunctional family. Each character had their own humorous, unforgettable look= like Arnold’s football head, Gerald’s tall afro, and especially Helga’s prevalent uni-brow.


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Gotta catch ‘em all! Pokemon definitely had a charm that many still appreciate today. The original show began with Ash Ketchum as he sets out with his friends to catch Pokemon in the Kanto region. It progressed to show Ash, Pikachu and friends in various situations, including visiting the Orange Islands. A setting only found in the anime (and not the manga). Many Pokemon spin-offs and games have ensued, allowing Pokemon to become one of the most successful franchises of the 90s.

Powerpuff Girls

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Sugar, spice, and everything nice! If girls in the late 90’s could’ve been a superhero, no doubt many would have chosen to be Blossom, Bubbles or Buttercup. These girls with superpowers and their father, Professor Utonium, fought to protect their town of Townsville, USA, against the likes of Mojo Jojo and HIM.


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Who can forget Tommy, Chuckie, Phil and Lil, the toddlers with a knack for getting into shenanigans? This show definitely grabbed mine and many other’s attention with episodes like “No Bones About It” or “Ice Cream Mountain”. The show had many interesting quirks, not the least of which were the toddlers’ aloof parents, Angelica, Tommy’s mean cousin, and of course, Reptar!

What’s Your Favorite Cartoon?

“Pokemon. I used to play with the cards and stuff.” -Jacob Vidacovich, Freshman Mechanical Engineering major


“My favorite 90’s cartoon was Hey Arnold! because they integrated real life problems into the cartoon, so it was easy to relate to,” Amanda Smith, senior hospitality management major said.


“Dragon Ball Z. Hands down. But I love DBZ because it tells you that no matter what happens in life, you have to keep going. Also, don’t judge people by their past. The bad guys sometimes turn out to be the good guys (Android 16). People can change (Piccolo, Vegeta, Android 18, Majin Buu, the list can go on). Mainly, there are a ton of life lessons a person can learn from watching the show, ”Emily McNatt, junior psychology major said.
“Power Puff Girls. I liked it because I always thought it would be fun to be a superhero,” Brianna Carey, senior early childhood education major said.

Now that you’re refreshed on your favorite childhood cartoons, take a break from adult life and cuddle up with one of your favorite past times! Vote for your favorite cartoon of the 90s here!