The Five Types of Guys You Should Stay Clear of in College…or Always

Michelle Pratt

Let’s face it, we have all dated that boy all of our friends warned us about. We couldn’t help but think that we can change them because the sappy love movies said we could. I am here to tell you, stories like this rarely exist and you should avoid these five types of boys like the plague.

1. The Mr. Big: Mr. Emotionally Unavailable

Sure he is tall, dark and handsome, but he did cheat on his significant other with you? If you are dating a guy you hooked up with while he was in another relationship, then you need to run as fast as you can now. Not only does he have a past as a cheater, but more than likely he is not going to be there for you when you need him the most. Talk about being emotionally unavailable. We all want to fall in love with a Mr. Big just like Carrie and live in a new penthouse happily ever after, but do you really want to get left at the altar first?

2. The Barney Stinson: The Man Boy

Barney Stinson is the hilarious friend that everyone loves to hate. However, you tend to only see Barney how his friends see him and not how the hundreds of broken-hearted girls see him. Sure he is cool and fun, but when it comes to relationships he is a hit it and quit it kind of guy. He cares more about himself than he ever will about you. If you happen to find yourself in a relationship with him then you will ultimately find yourself being more of a mom to him than a girlfriend. He may be fun and wild, but does that really make him a good match? The last thing you want to have to do is babysit every night.

3. The Chuck Bass: The Emotionally Unstable

He is charming, fun, popular and rich. He is the perfect match for any young naïve girl. The issue is he has more problems than a math book. You may think you can fix him, but chances are you will be left heartbroken time after time. When the relationship is good, it feels like you can do anything. But, when it’s bad you better stay clear. Think of the Chuck Bass as a lion. He is beautiful. You want to get near him, but in a blink of an eye he can turn on you. You will spend countless nights in your room crying over empty wine bottles and a pint of chocolate ice cream. The last thing we should be worried about is how emotionally tortured our kind-of-not-so-much boyfriend is. You think you can save him, but the truth is he doesn’t want to be saved.

4. The Charlie Harper: The Womanizer

He might start out as a one drunken hookup, but you can’t help but feel like you had a real connection with him. Unfortunately, he got what he wanted and now you’re screwed. As a womanizer, it is his skill to lure girls in and make them feel like he actually cares. However, as soon as he gets it in you are kicked to the curb… along with his other booty calls. The chances of him actually remembering your name is slim to none and no amount of trying is going to change the fact that he is just trying to get laid.

The Dylan Massett: The Bad Boy

The bad boy that is part of a drug cartel doesn’t really seem like the typical take home to mom type of person you would be attracted to. Still, his bad boy persona somewhat leaves you wanting more. The chance of being an adrenalin junky for a little while with someone you know is no good for you gets your blood going. Somehow, even though deep in your head you are telling yourself that you will never be together for the long run, you keep running back for more. Be careful when getting involved with the bad boy because their ‘I don’t care’ attitude will make you fall head over heels in love with him. You may think that you can change him and make him into the clean cut man your parents would adore, but chances are he doesn’t want to live that life, ever. Ain’t nobody got time for that.
Some things all these guys have in common is they will leave you heartbroken, wondering what you did wrong and why they couldn’t change for you. In most cases, if you think the guy is bad for you and your best friends are telling you the same, he is bad for you. If you’re reading this and the characteristics are scary similar to your boy toy, GET OUT NOW. There is no shame in falling for one of these guys in your lifetime; falling for a not-so-good guy is a pretty common thing. Pull out your phone, text your not-boyfriend and tell him that it is totally over. Then, move on with your life. We are independent women and we don’t need any man, especially these five listed above.