Many of Kesha's Court Claims Dismissed

Julia Fechter

New York judge Shirley Kornreich dismissed almost all of pop singer Kesha’s claims against her producer, Dr. Luke, and Sony Music Wednesday, according to Rolling Stone.
This decision follows the judge’s previous denial of an injunction that would have permitted Kesha to record with another producer while the civil suit was being decided.
The only claim Kornreich did not rule on involves when Dr. Luke sued Kesha for defamation and breach of contract. Kesha said that by Dr. Luke doing so, their contract was voided.
Kornreich will not hear Kesha’s hate crime claims against Dr. Luke since the singer’s allegations against him did not occur in New York. Kornreich also said that Dr. Luke had not shown a hatred against women, and ergo, Kesha could not allege that a hate crime had occurred.
Additionally, Kesha’s accusations of abuse since she signed her contract with Dr. Luke could not warrant her claim against her producer. There had to be proof of physical violence or property damage, said Kornreich.
Kesha’s claims that Dr. Luke assaulted her on an airplane and in a hotel could not be addressed because the alleged incidents occurred prior to 2008 and exceeded New York’s statute of limitations. As well, the judge cast aside Kesha’s claims that Dr. Luke had intentionally verbally abused her.

“Insults about her value as an artist, her looks, and her weight are insufficient to constitute extreme, outrageous conduct intolerable in civilized society,” Kornreich said.

The Hollywood Reporter said that in response to the judge’s ruling, Kesha may resume the lawsuit she filed against Dr. Luke in California. The California suit was paused due to a clause in Kesha’s contract dictating that legal disputes would be addressed in New York.
This turn of events in Kesha’s case highlights the struggle for victims of sexual assault to be believed by those around them. Morgan Oluwole, a junior fashion merchandising major said, “The Kesha trial is a representation of what we think with women and sexual assault and how it’s not taken that seriously. It makes women not want to tell and just stay in their current situation, keep going.”
Kesha, and others who say they were sexually assaulted, often experience outright negative reactions, in addition to any unbelief about their claims. Tracy Crawford, a junior food and nutrition major said, “There is such backlash, especially with men who are famous…people think, ‘Oh, he wouldn’t do that. He’s such a nice person.’”
The struggle to change public opinion about rapes, sexual assaults, and the victims of those acts is ongoing. For more information about Kesha’s case, read this article.
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