Fashion Rules Powerful Women Always Follow

Gracia Smith

Your Picture of Success

Picture a company that you consider to be successful. Market leadership, brand recognition, excellent management, significant global presence, impressive employees—imagine the criteria you find most compelling in qualifying a company as successful.
In your head, picture the CEO of that company walking into the office on a Monday morning and greeting employees in sweatpants, a tattered tee, and sneakers.
For many, not only does the CEO lose formidability and validity with this image, but the entire company also seems significantly less respectable.
While fashion and apparel may seem insignificant in the grand scheme of the business world, looking the part is a compelling force in maintaining an authoritative and legitimate presence.
The visual aspects of your identity communicate your ability to conform to societal norms and adhere to unspoken social cues.
To help maintain your adept professional presence, here are essential fashion rules established and powerful women always follow.

Distinctive Style

While traditional business attire will always communicate an aura of professionalism, consider customizing your wardrobe with a semblance of your own personal identity.
For example, one-of-a-kind items like vintage engagement rings communicate rarity and exclusivity that cannot be duplicated. Whether it’s an unusual color or particular silhouette, high-ranking women often develop their own signature looks to suggest dependability and uniqueness.

Next time you shop for new shoes or women’s tank tops, pick something up that reinforces a non-traditional and memorable flare.


Strategically Applied Makeup

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Surprisingly, studies have found that a woman’s makeup technique communicates a great deal about health and credibility in the workplace.
More specifically, a lighter, natural look is commonly more appealing, while dramatic looks should generally be avoided.
Stray from orange-tinted bronzer, overuse of mascara, intense eyeshadow, and opt for matte in place of sparkle for an optimal office look.

Up-kept Grooming

Poor oral and facial hygiene not only communicate unprofessionalism and negligence, but is also immensely unpleasant for others. Regardless of how busy you may be, maintain hygiene and make it a habit to regularly groom for a clean, maintained look.
Make regular trips to hair and nail salons to communicate cleanliness—and save yourself time in the morning as well.

Everything from healthy skin, good oral hygiene, and a pleasant fragrance communicates professionalism and helps to elevate your overall appearance.


Quality Fashion Accessories

Professional women understand that purchasing well-branded clothing and accessory items are well worth the investment.

When you’re shopping, examine for details and look for high-quality fabrics and materials that communicate sophistication and an established persona.

Elaborate on your distinctive style with handmade bags and purses, gemstone jewelry, and decorative hair pieces. Upscale clothes—such as those made of cashmere and suede—accessorized with high-end leathers can help to elevate your look as well.
Whether you are aiming to become a leader or are trying to shift your appearance to better suit the workplace, it’s essential to consider the little details that communicate your personality and professionalism.
By following these tips and adopting a persona that reflects your drive and passion, you can become a powerful woman in the industry, all while looking incredible as well.
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