Amber London’s Fall Lookbook and Fashion Guide

Alexandria Richbourg

Junior transfer student Amber London is turning heads at Georgia Southern with her edgy and unpredictable style. The Fashion merchandising major has always loved clothes and even remembers the exact moment her love for fashion blossomed into more than just a hobby.
“When I went to Savannah probably in sixth grade, there was this really awesome vintage shop that I really loved,” London said. “I got this really awesome AC/DC shirt and high waisted pants. I was so mesmerized by the store, I was like, ‘man one day I’d like to own a store like this,’”
Since then, Amber now has dreams of being a buyer or a stylist in New York.
Fall is definitely the season for Amber and she knows exactly the items that should be in every gal’s closet this fall. Take a look at some of the staple items and get some tips on how to style them perfectly.

The perfect Bomber Jacket

The Bomber jacket is perfect to throw on a tshirt and jeans day. Dress up with some booties or dress it down with your favorite pair of sneakers.
“It’s SUPER in. Any type of bomber jacket really. Especially embroidered ones,” London said.

Little Details Matter

The Button down skirt is hot this fall and you should spice it up.
“This is probably one of the most pinpointing trends this fall,” London said. Make it pop with a Band tee and some fishnets.
Oh and don’t forget the accessories. A Thin gold chain, choker and a Newsboy Cap can make this look, super edgy.
The Oversized lace up Sweater
The lace up trend isn’t dead yet and oversized sweaters are a must.
“The lace up trend has been so prominent within this last year. Now that we’re transitioning into cooler weather, so it works,” London said.
Layer it over a denim dress, button up shirt or even wear it with your favorite jeans.
Edge up your Satin
Who said you can’t layer with your cute satin top? Amber does it extremely well and so can you. Take something dainty to the next level by adding a white tee and a statement belt.
Check out Amber’s Instagram for more looks @amberlizette