Channeling Your Inner Green Thumb in College

Channeling Your Inner Green Thumb in College

Roxie Srikoulabouth

Add life to your space! There are so many benefits to having indoor plants. When you bring these beautiful living things into your home, you’re not just adding something pretty. These living things interact with your mind, body, home and soul. They really do enhance your quality of life.
Reasons why you should get a house plant

  1. They Reduce Carbon Dioxide Levels
    Plants will help your breathing and the air inside your living space.
  2. Sharpening Focus
    Indoor plants can also improve your memory and concentration. Texas A&M University’s College of Agriculture and Life Science found that, “Work performed under the natural influence of ornamental plants is normally of higher quality and completed with a much higher accuracy rate than work done in environments devoid of nature.”
  3. Reducing Levels of Certain Pollutants and Decontaminating Air
    Plants also reduce pollutants by absorbing them.
  4. Reducing Airborne Dust Levels
    They remove the dust from the air, which helps your breathing
  5. Keeping Air Temperatures Down
    Plants lose water during transpiration. This cools the air around them, leaving it clean and fresh.

Here’s the science:
It all starts when you take a breath. When you breathe in, your body takes in oxygen and then releases carbon dioxide. During this, plants go through a process called photosynthesis, where the plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. As part of the photosynthetic process, the plants release roughly 97% of the water they take in when you water them. Bioadvice says, “Studies at the Agricultural University of Norway document that using plants in interior spaces decreases the incidence of dry skin, colds, sore throats and dry coughs.”
Bioadvice also states that plants remove up to 87 percent of toxins (VOC) in the air. Adding plants to rooms speeds recovery time. Plants lower our heart rate as well as our blood pressure, and you will experience less fatigue and anxiety.
Whenever you think of plants, I could assume that you think of pulling weeds, digging and just plain old garden work. Truthfully, it has never been easier to have a green thumb.
According to Costa Farms, here are the top low maintenance plants to keep in your home:
They need sunlight, so sit them by a window. Water them once a week or when the soil is dry.
Keep your ferns in a sunny spot, like a desk by the window or a sill by the sink, and don’t let the soil dry out.

Lucky Bamboo
These plants can sunburn, so do not put them on the window sill. Lucky bamboo loves being hydrated, so water it every 2-3 days–better yet just grow it in a water-filled or vase.

This one is a sunbather so keep it on a sill in direct sunlight. Allow soil to dry before watering again.
ZZ Plants
These can grow in any type of light. Allow the soil to dry between watering periods just like cacti and succulents.
Aloe Vera
Aloe loves bright light, so keep it near a window. Do not allow it to sit in standing water or it will drown. Make sure the soil stays moist.

Easy enough right? You can find these plants at your local Walmart or Lowe’s and start channeling your green-thumb.