Paint Smudge 1


Miscellany Editor

by Alyssa Santana

I’ve tried a multitude of different styles throughout the time I’ve practiced art, but keep getting pulled back to my fascination with realism. In this particular piece, I’ve attempted to duplicate a photo I took of a paint smudge, using mostly colored pencils. The irony that the paint image, with it’s glossy, acrylic-like appearance, is created with an entirely different medium, is an intriguing idea to me. It fits well into my need to explore realism through color and texture and I would like to continue in this direction so I can discover more ways different materials can help me achieve the most interesting pieces possible.
–Alyssa Santana

I started my college career at the University of North Georgia studying Psychology. However, at the end of my sophomore year I made the decision to transfer to Georgia Southern University and to switch my major to 2D Studio Art. This should have been my original path because art has been my passion for as long as I can remember. Having made it through three years here now, I’ve been able to experience a wide variety of different creative courses. At some point in these classes, I found what I like to think of as my “niche” with colored pencil realism. This very detail oriented medium allows me to thoroughly explore texture and color in an unexpected way and I plan to continue on this path for as far as it takes me.