Marching band and athletics come to an agreement on game day seating

More than 2,000 sign petition to allow entire band to play on game days

Fernanda Camacho Hauser and Andy Cole

STATESBORO — After the athletics department confirmed Monday the full 210-member Southern Pride Marching Band (SPMB) would have enough room to all appear on game-days, reports came into our newsroom that the band wasn’t going to be able to send their whole group. It seems now there was a miscommunication on both parts.

“[Athletics and SPMB] have realized that there were misunderstandings on expectations for the band for the upcoming season,” read a joint press release from athletics and SPMB, released Thursday. “Athletics has allotted space for SPMB and they will fill that area using appropriate social distancing guidelines at their discretion.”

Bryan Johnston, senior associate athletic director for communications, told The George-Anne Wednesday evening SPMB would be allotted 940 seats, three times the normal amount. While that allows for six feet between each person horizontally, it doesn’t account for vertical separation.

It is unclear how many members of the SPMB will be playing Saturday and at future home games.

The George-Anne reached out to SPMB for comment Wednesday. They have not responded to our request.

Wednesday evening, a petition was created to allow all the members of SPMB to be at home games. The petition, which can be found here, has garnered over 2,000 signatures.

“Southern Pride will continue to be a big part of game day and we’re excited for them to be there, playing loud and proud,” read the joint statement. “Our aim is to provide an experience that fans, patrons and all of Eagle Nation can be proud of.”

The full joint statement can be found here.