New local radio station WRUU brings community together

New local radio station WRUU brings community together

Volunteers line up outside WRUU’s location underneath the Unitarian Universalist Church of Savannah (Savannah Soundings)

Bradley Mullis, Arts and Entertainment Editor

In an ever-growing attempt by public entities seeking to expand the reach of public voice in the community, local organization Savannah Surroundings has completed their very own radio station. WRUU is located in the basement of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Savannah.

Describing themselves as a “community radio with a global soul,” Savannah Surroundings and WRUU is the brainchild of Vicki Weeks, a member of the UUCS, who came to the conclusion that the city could stand to benefit from something that has the potential to bring communities together.

Just like any idea, the concept of the radio station was initially a difficult idea to pitch but the station has gained a slew of business sponsors in the Savannah area. Sponsors include local businesses such as Brighter Day Natural Foods Market, Foxy Loxy and The Sentient Bean, among others.

Volunteer information technology specialist and fellow Armstrong student Ryan Toothaker brought some clarity to the table, stating that “While the station is open to the public, those who are interested in setting up a program must go through our programming committee.”

Toothaker explained, “For example, if I wanted to sit down and broadcast a special about sports but we have someone already doing sports, we’re going to go with what we already have, but we’ll attempt to combine the programs.”

By doing this, Toothaker believes various communities will be brought together to deliver a full, solid message to the general community.

Toothaker wants it made known that “The radio station is not a religious radio station by any stretch of the means, it is simply hosted by the church.”

While it may not be considered a religious radio station, WRUU will operate as a nonprofit under the umbrella of the church. As such, the radio is desperately seeking donations even now, as they attempt to have their tower built either halfway or three-quarters of the way through the year.

The current donation levels may be considered rather extravagant for the average Armstrong student’s piggybank, with their bronze tower donation requiring a minimum of $500. This donation would include various perks such as a tour around the radio station itself.

If students cannot afford to donate money, WRUU and Savannah Surroundings would love for them to donate their time. Toothaker made a point to state “I’m essentially the only information technology person working for WRUU. We would love to have any Armstrong students who are majoring in IT or even communications come down and get some hands on experience volunteering their time with us.”

Tune in to 107.5 FM in the future to catch WRUU or visit them at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Savannah located at 311 East Harris Street in downtown Savannah.