Zumba Glow turnout a huge success

zumba glow wild succes
Students pack the Student Recreation Center for the bi-annual Zumba Glow event. Friday, Feb. 2, 2016 (Photo by Elizabeth Rhaney, Photo Editor)

Kiara Morris, Staff Writer

Students flooded the Recreation Center last week for the bi-annual Zumba Glow event. More than 100 students showed up for the event.

In the packed lobby, junior biology major Shawna Defreitas and others eagerly awaited entrance into the glowing dance party.

“I think more people are coming to Zumba Glow over the years,” Defreitas said. “It’s not even 8 o’ clock yet and there’s a huge line of people. The Zumba classes do have a lot of people in them, but it will pretty packed tonight. More people come because the glow is fun.”  

The attendance for this semester’s event quadrupled from the Fall event, which was cause for concern for some students when it comes to space.

“It’s a lot of fun to be around my friends here at Zumba, but I definitely wish the room was bigger,” Joanie Branistareanu, sophomore Sonography major, worriedly explained.

Mara Demauro, Fitness and Wellness graduate assistant for the SRC, once again organized the program. She discussed the center’s possible expansion.

“We are considering a building expansion,” Demauro said. “With that, we could have space for a bigger Zumba area. We currently can’t take it into the courts because we wouldn’t have the glow lights available.  There’s a basketball game going in there right now, so we can’t overtake this place.”

Demauro explained that glow events do well every year. This has the center very excited for the future.

“All of our programs do really well for their respective target audiences,” Demauro said. “Zumba is very popular on this campus. I would like to see the Bench Press Competition gain more popularity.”

It looks like the future of this event is very bright. If its success was any indication of things to come, it could be a very big year for these recreational events.