Art: Because you can’t Google how to feel

Art: Because you can’t Google how to feel

Rachel Hammond, Staff Contributor

Are you looking for inspiration or are you perhaps interested in seeing artwork by senior art students here on campus?

Well, you and others interested have the opportunity to enjoy the work of Fine Arts students’ Chance Everette, Brione Daniels, Blair Perry, Christine Freeman and Jacqueline Claros that will be on display in the Fine Arts Gallery for the “The Art of Feeling” exhibit now until April 12.

Exhibit Title
Title of the exhibit. Photo by Rachel Hammond.

The exhibit will feature a variety of different art forms including photography and ceramic work. Each artist will display several pieces from their collections, each of which has its own unique description and explanation of inspiration.

“My body of work is a series of sculptural pottery that is inspired by different types of fungi found throughout Georgia. I find myself intrigued by the ability of those organisms to turn something like a decaying log into its own beautiful growing habitat,” Perry wrote.

Her pieces are reminiscent of a fairy hollow with each piece of dishware sculpted to look like wood coated in fungi.

Morel Tea, Anyone By Blair Perry (White Stoneware Clay)
“Morel Tea, Anyone” By Blair Perry. Photo by Rachel Hammond.

Another artist, Claros, explained that she intends her work to be not only looked at but also interacted with. She was inspired to create her work when imagining how visually-impaired people experience art. It is for this reason she includes texture and Braille labels in her work.

Freeman’s work will also be on display. Her series involves digital prints on different fabrics that represent her memories of different seasons: “I define seasons through my association of color, emotion and nature itself,” she explained.

Freeman’s collection includes “Daisy Days in Summer” as well as other textiles.

Everette displays what he defines as “autonomous crafting”, in which there are “no thought-out patterns, no traditional plans; just some fiber, some scissors, a sewing machine, and [his] mind.”

In one piece, Everette’s scruffy gang of bandits, “The Undercoats”, explore space while plundering the outer reaches of the galaxy.

The Undercoats by Chance Everette (Fiber Sculptures)
“The Undercoats” by Chance Everette. Photo by Rachel Hammond.

The final artist, Daniels, will be displaying several photographs. Daniels said her vision is to “convey a sense of calm or quiet” because “life is stressful enough as it is.”

Her photographs feature models with a black background and cropped face in order to “keep attention on the form.”

The gallery will be in the Fine Arts building, and will be open for viewing until Friday, April 12 concluding with a reception at 5:30 p.m.