This One Is For The Tastebuds


Southern Café is still in the process of construction. Photo by Madison Watkins.

An Update on New Campus Dining


Jason Chapman, Staff Writer

Brand new dining experiences are coming to campus soon.

The Southern Café, which is situated next to the Chick-fil-A in the Memorial College Center (MCC), is set to open sometime this semester. 

GSU is also constructing a Starbucks franchise within the MCC building, and a Spring 2020 opening date is expected. 

Director of Armstrong Campus Dining Michael Morgan said, “we are excited to bring more food, and beverage variety to this University.” 

This is welcome news for students who don’t have time in between classes to sit and eat in the Galley, run somewhere off campus for food, coffee or other items of sustenance. 

“More dining options would probably benefit a lot of people,” said Alexander Peralta, a Psychology major, of the news.

The sign for Southern Café in the MCC. Photo by Madison Watkins.

For those students who are interested in getting a job on campus, Morgan said “I anticipate hiring 20-25 student workers for Starbucks.” 

Terriana Mullen a Psychology major said, “I’ve been looking for a college job, especially on campus.” 

Morgan says that the hiring process of the Starbucks will begin when he has “completed the recruitment process for the 3 full-time positions allocated to the Starbucks location.” 

As for the Southern Café hiring process, it has already begun. “Southern Café is actively recruiting additional student staff,” said Morgan. 

The job postings are located on the Georgia Southern Human Resources page under the name Campus Deli. 

While sitting in the MCC Food Court, Kade Couey a Visual Arts Major said, “I’ll have to see the menu.” 

Morgan said of the Southern Café menu options, “Southern Café will be offering an assortment of paninis, salads, soups, desserts and seasonal specials.” 

After hearing the menu options, Couey went on to say “I like a pizza panini.” 

For those of you who wake up early enough for breakfast, The Southern Café will serve it as well. 

“Breakfast at Southern Café can be expected as early as spring semester,” said Morgan.

Whether or not the campus needs more variety of food service establishments, Kavon Robinson, a Fashion major said, “A couple more, just to have a variety of things.” 

Robert Whitaker Vice President for Business and Finance for the university encourages a variety of dining options, “the investment in Chick-fil-A, Starbucks, Southern Café, and The Galley are important investments to create student engagement and atmosphere. We hope you all enjoy the new spaces and offerings!”