UPB hosts Teddy Bear and Crush


By Rebecca Munday, Staff Writer

University Programming Board (UPB), hosted Teddy Bear and a Crush last Thur. Feb. 13 out on the Student Union patio. Students stood in line to pick out a stuffed animal they wanted to stuff and a flavor of Crush soda. Some of the choices students could choose from included: pink flamingo, black bear, rainbow colored dog and a bald eagle. 

While students waited in line, some of them shared their thoughts about why they came to the event.

“I came because my sister asked me to. She likes stuffed animals. And it’s an interesting way for me to socialize because I’m not usually big on socializing,” Mia Detinne, a freshman in the nursing program said. 

“The free stuff,” said Pauline Cobos, a junior in the accounting program, “I haven’t gotten a teddy bear in years, [it] makes me feel loved.”

UPB set up two tables with plastic bags of stuffing for students. UPB also had thin cloth hearts that students could enclose with the stuffing.

After students made the stuffed animal, UPB handed out certificates for each stuffed animal where students could fill out information such as their name, the stuffed animal’s name and where they met. The event was so popular that UPB ran out of stuffed animals in fifty minutes when they first expected the event to last three hours.

Posing with the Teddies!
New friend alert! The rainbow dog found its forever home.
Students picked out their new friend to be stuffed.