Chief Diversity Officer presents results of campus climate survey

Andy Cole, Editor-in-Chief

Following Damon Williams’, Ph.D., final recommendation from his 2018 findings in the Inclusive Excellence report, TaJuan Wilson, Ed.D., released the results of Georgia Southern’s first campus climate survey Wednesday.

“Our survey results are instrumental in informing our institutional practice of implementing our goals, strategies and actions identified in the Inclusive Excellence Action Plan,” Wilson told The George-Anne Monday. “The work belongs to each of us.”

5,219, or 25%, of the campus community participated in the survey—14% of students, 40% of faculty and administrators and 21% of staff.

The survey found that, among other ‘areas of strength’, an average of over 85% of student respondents said they have rarely or never been present at a university event where underrepresented groups would feel unwelcome.

On the other hand, however, a little more than 43% of student respondents of color agreed or strongly agreed that other don’t value their opinion. 43.46% of LGBTQ student respondents agreed or strongly agreed that they, too, felt others don’t value their opinion.

You can learn more about the student findings here, faculty findings here and staff findings here. Wilson’s presentation can be viewed here.

Other student respondent strengths included positive attitudes around general campus climate and classroom environment and a strong awareness of mental health resources. Conversely, students perceived discriminatory instances and hostile environments, have poor perceptions around racism and voice, issues with availability and awareness of resources, mental health and a lack of intentional exposure to different backgrounds.

Among the many next steps for Wilson and the university, all academic colleges and central business units will have to submit their own Inclusive Excellence action plans by Friday.