LGBTQ+ Children Stories to Keep in Mind


This recent month, June, celebrates pride all around the world. Many children and young teens can be confused on what this month means, or how they are a part of it. Numerous authors have written books for all ages on what LGBTQ+ can mean to you. Here are a few top selling books for children of all ages to read, and get started on their Pride month journey.

I am Jazz: Jessica Herthel
A biography of teen advocate Jazz Jennings, that supports her story and role and as a young Transgender girl. Transitioning at 14 and leading through her real-life experiences on how she became a role model for young children everywhere.

Worm loves Worm: J. J. Austrian
A short story of how two worms fall in love, to be interjected by a cricket. All the worm’s friends swarm with questions on who will be the bride and who will be the groom. Many more problems threaten the worm’s wedding, with an end showing love is love.

Unico Como Yo/ One of a kind, Like Me: Laurin Mayeno
In a race to find the perfect costume for his school parade Danny has planned the perfect costume. The store closes soon, the question is can he find the perfect princess costume before the parade?

A Family Is a Family: Sara O’Leary
In this book, a young student is scared to share her family as all the other kids share different dynamics. As each student shares how different their families are she is more confident in her family being different, rather than scared.

From Stars in the Sky to the Fish in the Sea: Kai Cheng Thom and Kai Yun Ching
This book is a colorful book that gives a fairytale setting as a child and mother guide each other through a world of differences. Throughout the tale, they face challenges of gender, race, and even stereotypes side-by-side.