Ways to Build Your Resume

Rebecca Munday, Co-Editor-in-Chief

College freshmen might think it’s too early to start building their resume and thinking about post-graduation life when they’ve only just arrived on campus, especially if they haven’t decided what to major in.
Yet the sooner students build skills and experience to put on their resume, the more likely they will land an interview and eventually a job, and the less stressful their junior and senior years of college will be.
College freshman who haven’t declared their major yet can still gain valuable experience through volunteer work with organizations on campus. Eagles Engage, which can be found in one’s MyGS portal under the Campus Life heading, Greek Life, the Student Government Association and Serve912 on the Armstrong campus all offer valuable volunteer opportunities to start building one’s resume.
Students can also apply for a part-time job on campus to boost their resume. Dining Services on the Armstrong campus is often hiring for positions at The Galley, The Perk, Starbucks, The Gus Mart, Chick-Fil-A, or Southern Cafe. Students also may find jobs at the Learning Commons or the library.
To check for student positions as they become available, visit Georgia Southern University Careers.
Once students declare a major and start taking classes in their department, they also might find opportunities for major specific research or internship opportunities that also come with the possibility of a paycheck or scholarship.
Students who are interested in those types of opportunities should always keep an ear out for what’s going on in their department so they can gain experience, either on a volunteer or paid basis, to put on their resume.
One valuable resource that students will need as their start to build their resume and apply for jobs is the Office of Career and Professional Development.
To schedule an appointment with OCPD, students should login into their Handshake account in the Student Employment Tab of their MyGS portal, click on Career Center, then Appointments, select Schedule a New Appointment, then select Armstrong campus, finally, select the appointment type to make an appointment.
Students who cannot find an appointment time that works for them or who need immediate help can drop in to their office hours from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Students can also check the OCPD Fall 2021 calendar for events to attend.
For more information and advice about building your resume, contact the Office of Career and Professional Development (OCPD) by calling 912-478-5197 or email ocpd@georgiasouthern.edu and make sure to mention you’re on the Armstrong campus.