Herty Building reopens after coffee pot fire

Vanessa Countryman, Correspondent

All of the floors in Herty Building reopened Monday after a coffee pot caught fire in one of the first-floor rooms last Monday.

Repairs from the small fire and water damage are not 100% complete, but the area is now safe to enter, and all of the AV and computer equipment appear to be in working order, according to University Communications and Marketing. 

The first floor of the Herty building flooded after one sprinkler was set off pouring 34 gallons of water per minute into the carpeted floor, into the hallways and out the doors on November 1.
The puddles have dried up and the trimming has been snatched off the bottom of walls one week after the fire. All that remains of the water damage are the yellowing floor tiles and a few wet carpets.

This fire was concluded to be accidental and caused by a coffee pot that was left on for several days, according to a report filed by University Police. There was no indication of criminal activity.

The only effects of the fire were damages to the property of two custodial members.

All Clean began the cleanup process last week, and they continue to dry out carpets and offices on the floor from the water damage.

Editor’s note: The above article was published stating that the Statesboro Fire Department deemed the cause of the fire was a coffee pot in a report. The report received by the George-Anne was actually from Georgia Southern University Police. This error has since been corrected on November 15, 2021.