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Hundreds of protestors gathered on-campus for the “Justice for Us” march

Andy Cole

May 31, 2020

STATESBORO -- Georgia Southern’s Statesboro campus saw hundreds of people for the first time since mid-March for Sunday’s “Justice for Us” march.Organized by GS senior Kerrigan Natera, the bigger-than-expected crowd peac...

This Month in History: Women’s Edition

March 24, 2020

Women of the past have and continue to pave the way for girls and women today. With March being Women’s History Month, what better way to honor them than with a revisit of their accomplishments? They all took place during th...

Protesters march to swim meet to address University’s response to “triggerish” incident

Matthew Enfinger and Tori Collins

October 19, 2018

Student organizations marched on Georgia Southern University’s Statesboro campus Friday in protest of the university’s response to a student’s usage of the N-word in July.Last summer, GS received national attention when...

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