Order This, Not That: Campus Edition

Cabrianna Johnson

As students we are constantly on the go before and between classes campus restaurants are calling us in to enjoy a quick pick me up. Just remember when you are ordering that not all restaurant menus are created equally healthy. Here are some healthy suggestions  for the next time you are ordering on campus.



Getting a quick pick me up for your morning classes at Starbucks is a must for some students. However you would not believe all the hidden calories in your everyday order. But did you know a Grande cup of brewed coffee without sugar and milk contains only five calories?
“I recommend green tea or if you want something with espresso the double shot is only 70 calories in a tall,” Trellaine Jordan, Starbucks student supervisor said.
[accordion title=”Instead Try” close=”0″]- Ask to hold the whip cream taking away 80-130 calories
– Ask for reduced fat or skim milk saving you 140 calories
– Try a syrup free syrup for no calories or fat[/accordion]
Don’t Drink

  • A tall White Chocolate Creme Frappuccino, without the whip cream it’s sitting at 480 calories, 410mg of sodium and 77g of sugar

Do Drink 

  • A tall Cappuccino with non-fat milk, includes only 80 calories, 90mg of sodium and 10g of sugar


“Their salads are the best. Because they are tasty and give me a great feeling after I eat them, unlike eating a fried chicken sandwich,” Hayden Pettey, freshman english major said.
Don’t Eat

  • Spicy Chicken Sandwich Deluxe, 580 calories, 27g fat and 1,880 mg of sodium
  • Eight piece nuggets with medium fries, comes up to 785 calories.

Do Eat

  • Grilled Chicken Sandwich, 320 calories, 5g fat and 800 mg sodium

The lemonade at Chick- Fil- a is a classic, but replace the regular for the diet which is only 20 calories.

Market Street Deli

The Information Technology building is home to a deli that specializes in a variety of gourmet sandwiches and array of other items as well.MarketStreet
“What I love about this place is that they give you the option to re-adjust anything on your favorite sandwich, so for me I love The Palfy without the bacon, “ Jessica Shanken, a junior international studies major, said.
Unlike Chick-Fil-A and Starbucks the calories are not on the menu so to find nutrition facts, so be sure to contact BrittneyParham@georgiasouthern.edu for any questions or concerns about nutritional facts.
Don’t Eat

  • The Monetary, 683 calories, 30g fat and 923 mg of sodium

Do Eat

  • Try any sandwich and replace the meat with a turkey or garden burger.

Replacing your favorite go to menus items on campus with these recommendations can make a huge cut in your nutrition intake every week. Hopefully next time you are on campus and don’t know what to get try some of these recommendations and see where it leads you.