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Let Loose and Bust a Move with the Group Fitness “Learn to Belly Dance” Class

Ashton Christianson

September 17, 2019

For those who enjoy dancing and letting loose, the Recreational Activity Center’s (RAC) belly dancing class might be for you. From their colorful scarves to the vibrant, enthusiastic instructor,  you will be swept away by thi...

A Georgia Southern Student’s Recovery From Anorexia Nervosa

Brett Daniel

August 21, 2019

Georgia Southern University student Megan Manning suffers from anorexia nervosa. She was diagnosed in 2009 while in sixth grade and began receiving treatment at a psychiatric ward in her hometown of Augusta, Georgia.Today, Mega...

Step into step: An look inside the RAC’s new Step and Sculpt class

Ashton Christianson

February 20, 2019

Georgia Southern University’s Recreation Activity Center offers many group fitness classes already, but a new class, Step and Sculpt, was added for members to enjoy on Thursday nights.The instructor, Joiya Reed, said that t...

Zumba Through My Eyes: A Look Into Georgia Southern’s Zumba Class

Noelle Walker

January 29, 2019

Let me start with this: I am not a dancer. I am not flexible. Booty shaking is an art I have yet to master.But I enjoyed the class.This is my sixth semester at Georgia Southern University, and it was the first time I had come to the Zumba ...

The Comfy Life AKA Hygge

Dana Lark Reflector

March 2, 2018

Knitted socks, a hot cup of tea, a dear friend, and the dancing flame of a lit candle, all of these things are hygge. Hygge, pronounced HOO-GA, is the word for the feeling you get as your favorite people, places, and things, co...

Spiritual Healing: A Two-Part Series

Araya Jackson

January 18, 2018

Part Two: Healing with Crystals2018 is smoothly continuing on, and everyone’s self-love and acceptance mindset should be growing stronger and wiser as each day passes. There’s no time like the present moment to clear your head and become genuinely satisfied with life.The first part of this two-part series covered exactly how to understand the energy within you, in order to bring true happiness to your life. The seven-part chakra system, running from the bottom of your spine to the top of your head, was explained in order to grasp how this energy affects our daily lives.Now it’s time to move forward and apply this new knowledge about yourself and manifest your aspirations into realities. There are quite a few activities that can bring moments of peace and reflection into our daily routines, such as yoga, meditation, listening to uplifting music or spending time outside. Another way is by bringing the presence of healing crystals into your life.This half of the series is all about healing: learning how to use crystals to coincide with our inner energy system to become grounded and balanced.While there are a lot of misconceptions about healing crystals, the amount of existing research on the subject is endless. Believers and skeptics alike have talked about healing crystals for decades. Whether they work or not does not depend on the crystal – it depends on you.If you believe that picking up a crystal is going to immediately fix your stress, lift burdens and change your life, then you are going to be disappointed. Healing crystals should be used as a tool on your journey to feel motivated and reawaken your inner rainbow system.Crystals are a product of Mother Nature – as we are. Crystals have a geometric makeup, vibrational frequencies and exerting energy. As stated in the first part of this series: everything is vibrating and radiating energy. The energy of one object will bounce off and interact with the energy of another, resulting in a positive impact. Hence why and how healing crystals can work.Using crystals is a slow process. It requires awareness of oneself and the virtue of patience. Take the time to breathe, clear your thoughts and focus on yourself while with the gemstone. It’s all about creating space for what inspires you and feeling what you want to feel and using the crystal as your guide.Placing the stones around your home, wearing them as jewelry, carrying them in your pocket or purse, laying them on your body and simply holding them are a few ways to bring crystals into your normal routine. Choosing the appropriate stone, too, is also extremely important, because each serves its own purpose.Note: There is a widget embedded within this post. Please visit the site to participate in this post's widget.

Finding Peace Through Meditation

Dana Lark

January 16, 2018

Meditation comes with a hefty list of benefits, including stress reduction, lower anxiety, improved focus and has most recently been proven to help evoke empathy.For some, just the mention of the word “meditation” carries a calming effect. Who doesn’t need more calm or mo...

GS Professor Overcomes Obesity, Runs 18th Triathlon

Dana Lark

October 10, 2017

After waiting in line for two long hours, it’s finally the Sneathen family’s turn to board the infamous ride at Harry Potter World. The ride attendant locks each of them into their seat by pulling a gate over their heads. Wh...

I Tried the Dr. Oz Detox Cleanse, Here’s What Happened

Dana Lark

October 2, 2017

The detox craze has been alive for quite some time. Everywhere I look, I see solicitation for some three-day, five-day, or seven-day detox or cleanse.After relentlessly scrolling past them in my Pinterest feed for easily a ye...

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