Mental Health Tips


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Brianna Quarterman

Being a student in college can be a true hassle, especially when it comes to keeping up with classes, assignments and trying to juggle social life. It’s easy to get stressed out. Listed below are a few helpful tips to make going through college smooth sailing!

  • Be honest with yourself

– Dealing with the reality of your situation can be helpful toward your mental state
– Try talking to a parent, close relative, or a professional to work through denial
– Be willing to take the first step in cutting unnecessary stress out of your life

  • Meditate

– Relaxing and thinking about life in a calming environment helps not only your mental health but your overall health as well
– Going to a yoga studio or spa is a great way to release stress
– Set aside five minutes of your day to simply stretch and ease tension

  • Exercise

– A run or good workout is always great for clearing the mind, especially after a long day
– Join an exercise class with friends
– Try an activity you have never done before to push yourself the extra mile

  • Take a break

– Taking time out for yourself is always a good way to alleviate stress and anxiety
– Try to go at least one hour away from TV, electronics and school to clear your head
– Make time during your day to take a walk around a park or your neighborhood

  • Get help

– Talking to someone you trust, or even a licensed professional, is a great way to get advice for dealing with problems
– Attend a counseling class to work through your issues with a professional
– Georgia Southern offers sessions at the Counseling and Career Development Center

  • Sleep

– Taking a nap is a great way to let your body rest so you wake up feeling rejuvenated
– It is crucial that your body gets enough rest for the next day
– Sleeping for a full eight hours guarantees that your body will be well rested and ready to function

  • Let it All Out!

– Sometimes you may need to release!
– Feel free to simply stop what you are doing and yell from the top of your lungs!
– For those who may be a bit more aggressive, grab some old dishes, go outside and break them!
– Getting anger and aggression out is always beneficial for your health!
**If you find yourself stressing out or in need of someone to talk to, the Counseling and Career Development Center at Georgia Southern offers counseling sessions, outreach programs and workshops for anyone in need. Students are encouraged to take advantage of these services, as they are free for all Georgia Southern students.