The Most Overrated Halloween Costumes

Cheryl Nuzum


The basic of all basics, while also being a great cop-out. Pick up a pair of cat ears from Wal-Mart, dab on some paint and you can wear whatever you want and still be in “costume”. Except it’s the same costume we’ve all been seeing for years. Try something a little more original.

Minnie Mouse

The poor man’s kitty costume, just slightly less basic. Points for being a little more cute and a little less sexy.

Mario & Luigi

Where sexy tries to meet edgy and horribly fails.


It’s one thing to want to dress up as your favorite Disney character. It’s another to want to dress up as an actual Native American person who was put through hell and back because it already comes with a short dress and an abundance of fringe. Cue the cultural appropriation talk.

Celebrity Shenanigan of Some Kind

The year of the twerking Miley. The year of Jersey Shore. The year when Lady Gaga became a thing and everyone embraced face paint and blonde wigs. This kind of stuff is only cool when Ellen DeGeneres. Live vicariously through her, and quit trying to find something something “ironic” to be.

Cheerleader & Football Player Duo

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Just because you’re one of the blessed few that enjoyed high school, doesn’t mean you need to try to relive it. Put the uniforms back the drawers where they belong and embrace the new stage of your life.