Colorful Bowls, Creative Souls


Lashell Jones

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It’s a little breezy outside, so free chili sounds great, right? The best part is that it comes inside of a hand-crafted pottery bowl. Sponsored by The Free Spirit Pottery, the Empty Bowl Project makes its way back to Georgia Southern University’s campus, with great intentions to encourage students and faculty to buy bright, colorful, and detailed bowls.

“We’ve been working with Georgia Southern for some years now. We like to help out with the community,” Tera Purse, a representative of Free Spirit Pottery, said.

The Free Spirit Pottery is a pottery shop located in downtown Statesboro. Residents and students are allowed to create different varieties of pottery bowls. The bowls are sent to Georgia Southern’s campus, where it is bought for only $10. After each bowl purchase, free chili is offered.

“I’ve bought these bowls because I like how detailed the art is, I just love art,” Victoria, Freshmen IT major, said.

The Empty Bowl project will continue to be held at the Russell Union rotunda today, February 11, until 2 p.m.

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