Up in Smoke


Johnny Lu

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Georgia Southern University Health Services have set up a table in the Union today to promote tobacco awareness.

Health Services Tobacco Awareness teaches the dangers of tobacco use and the benefits of being tobacco-free.

To show the seriousness of smoking and dipping, the table displays poster boards with illustrations and descriptions of the effects of tobacco use. Marcus Nesbitt, senior health education and promotion major, talked about how the poster boards are a good way to emphasize their mission.

“We put clear and informative figures on our boards to give students a better picture of how smoking and not smoking can change your life,” Nesbitt said.

Senior health education and promotion major Chelsea Smith brings up how smoking is still an issue on campus as she passes out free packs of Mentos gum to students walking by to promote alternatives to tobacco use.

Smith said, “GSU’s tobacco ban hasn’t really done much of a job in my opinion. I still see people smoking on campus all the time.”

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