Game on!


Johnny Lu

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Last night students came together to showcase their work in game development, the Aurora Game Development Club hosted a night of gaming, food, refreshments and interaction in the IT Building.

Founded in 2011 at Georgia Southern, the Aurora Game Development Club provides members with the opportunity to network, gain work experience, and learn about the game development process and industry.

Senior public relations major Amber Gordon said the showcase is a great opportunity for students to show their games.

“You are your worst critic so knowing the feedback of others can help you better your skills,” Gordon said.

Using the computer labs in the IT Building, students present and play their creations on computers and projection screens.

Senior computer science major Robert McLaughlin said that in addition to being a showcase for students to learn, Georgia Southern is one of the few colleges with such a growing organization devoted to gaming.

“There are not very many colleges with a game development club like ours,” McLaughlin said.

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