What Love Is To Me

What Love Is To Me

Miscellany Editor

Love is my mother’s sweet touch and comforting words,
My eldest brother’s caring requests and songs sent out of the blue,
My best friend’s random texts at midnight,
And my first True Love watching over me, too.

Love is not born at first sight,
But grown over time:
It blossoms and sprouts like a daisy or a rose
And is worth more than a ten-cent dime.

Love is three-in-one,
Yet one and the same.
Often confused and often forgotten,
Love is hard and doesn’t always have a known name.

Love is not found on a movie screen
Nor in a box of chocolates or in a bunch of roses,
It is found in bonds between family and friends
And often hidden under our noses.

Love is the soft caress of angel’s wings,
A gift without expectation for anything in return,
The forgiveness for a wrongdoing,
And the sacrifice made for us that we didn’t earn.

This is what love is to me,
Soft, sweet and oh so kind,
Given to all and shown by few,
And commonly undefined.


Ashlyn Werl is a freshman student majoring in Graphic Design from Cumming, Georgia. She often enjoys writing poetry and fiction in her free time, and she wishes to share her work with many people.

Ashlyn frequently writes with a thought of a certain person, a feeling, or memory in mind because it helps her write and figure out what she wants to evoke through her writing. Most times, her poems are about her past experiences that are still with her today, both good and bad.