May These Feelings be Sempiternal

May These Feelings be Sempiternal

Miscellany Editor

I find myself with inescapable feelings.
The thoughts that provoked me before lay barren,
As thoughts of grief run rampant.

I miss thinking the way I did before,
But things are not the same,
For I am not the same.

I do still dream,
And sometimes of him.
I hug him again and again
And he laughs and laughs.

At times I get bursts of feelings,
Those that came before the loss,
And a sudden guilt rushes over me.
For if I return to my old passions and emotions,
Will his presence and memory leave me permanently?


Marisa Davis is a sophomore English major and Child and Family Development minor from Warner Robins, Georgia. She thoroughly enjoys reading, writing, podcasts, and true crime. She plans on becoming an english teacher and help kids explore the world of literature and letting the imagination run wild.