Kappa Sigma saves ‘second base’: Shave to Save 2014

Zack Young, a sophomore rehab science major, gets his head shaved for the cause.
Zack Young, a sophomore Rehab Science major, gets his head shaved for the cause.

By Joan Montanez, Staff Writer

Oct. 29 Kappa Sigma hosted their 6th annual fundraiser named Save Second Base, also known as Shave to Save at the Student Union. The event is dedicated to breast cancer awareness.  

Ryan Welch, Vice President of Kappa Sigma said, “This has been an event that we have been sponsoring for six years. Our goal is to reach $5000, our previous year we hit a goal of $3000, but with all the extra publicity that we have gotten this year $5000 is more than possible.”

“This event took about a months planning, with great support from people from Sports Clips and Great Clips, coming out to cut hair for us,” Event Coordinator for Shave to Save Adrian Vazquez said.

Members from the fraternity who felt enthusiastic decided to dye their hair pink for support of the cause.

They later received donations from the Armstrong community and the Savannah community to shave their heads. Stylists from Great Clips and Sport Clips came to the event and helped with shaving heads.

Those who attended the event were able to witness the camaraderie between the young men of Kappa Sigma and Armstrong students and staff.

President Bleicken made a guest appearance and shaved Ryan Welch’s head.

“I was able to participate in this event my first year here at Armstrong which was during my first Celebrate,” Bleicken said. “I find that these young men are courageous for dying their hair pink and then going as far as cutting it all off. It is a great event and they always have a great turn out.”

The great turn out was due to Kappa Sigma’s dedication to increased breast cancer awareness.