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The student led, student read news organization at Georgia Southern University

The George-Anne Media Group

The student led, student read news organization at Georgia Southern University

The George-Anne Media Group

Armstrong unleashes zombie apocalypse on campus

Humans vs. Zombies on Armstrong’s main campus
Humans vs. Zombies on Armstrong's main campus
Humans vs. Zombies on Armstrong’s main campus

By Randee May, Staff Writer

Day One:

The original zombie was first spotted on Monday, Nov. 10. Participants brought nonperishable food items to a disclosed location to be donated to families in need.

It was agreed that players would meet at a designated area between the hours of 5 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. to drop off their gathered goods.

The commander of the group informed contestants that the goods would be delivered off the campus to Hinesville so the less-fortunate could enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner.

Day Two:

Nov. 11 participants awaited while watching their backs in hopes that the original zombie would not infect them.

Unfortunately, their first comrade went down that afternoon. He was taken to the Biochemistry Department where the virus was then “destroyed.”

The Commander called for participants to gather in the International Garden at 5:45 p.m. The humans were then attacked from the right flank by the zombies. All soldiers fired off rounds and the attack was ceased.

Commander Evans then broke the humans up into groups to scout the perimeter, searching for zombies. During the chaos, the commander was turned into a zombie.

Day Three:

Participants received orders at 2 p.m. to capture a zombie. The resistance met at the Windward Commons Amphitheater at 5:30p.m.

Without someone to give the team orders, it was hard to function. Arguments broke out and the group divided into three separate groups.

One of the groups, made up of five people, quickly lost sight of other squad members once they were in the woods. Humans searched for zombies for hours, but to no avail. Finally, after groups met back up, the first zombie was spotted near one of the two exits. One human yelled, “Ambush!”

Just as the words were screamed a third group came rushing up, calling that they’d captured a zombie.

The humans pushed through with a shower of ammunition, arriving at the rendezvous where two zombies had been captured.

Day Four:

10 a.m, a message was sent: “There is a biochemistry scientist who has been working on the vaccine for the zombie plague. He hasn’t finalized the formula, but he will be on campus to look over the data collected from the 2 zombies that were captured last night. Your mission is to protect him.”

Andrew Frost recounts the day after battling, “My story of this mission begins like many fantastic stories, in a far-off land of wonder. However, the motherland has nothing to do with the valor shown today by myself and my courageous crew save for instilling my lion-like sense of honor. I was standing lookout in my dorm before I heard the frightened cries of the scientist and the resistance struggling to defend him against a single zombie. I charged the undead, sending her and the rest of the massing horde fleeing.”

Day Five:

On the fifth and final day of Humans vs. Zombies, Nov. 14, the following transmission was sent out to participants: the Biochemistry department has finished developing a potential counter against this Zombie scourge.

While attempting to deliver the transmission back to the Science Center, the delivery person was attacked. Humans are needed to help retrieve the missing syringes from the University Crossings Laundry Building.

The Resistance had to locate two prototype vaccine vials over at one of the laundry buildings, and then make it back to the Science Center to mass-produce it. It was one of the few missions in which there were no casualties for the human team.

One survivor, Malachi Smith said “HvZ was fun, more players would have made it quite a bit more enjoyable. We have new leadership for next semester’s game and we have a boatload more ideas, including objectives that will require survivors to split up or go weaponless for a period of time. My favorite part was seeing a survivor on the street and sprinting at them full-force trying to get a tag.  It was exciting and stressful, which is what a zombie apocalypse should be.”

Alpha Phi Omega is considering hosting another Humans vs. Zombies event in the spring.

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