Armstrong’s arboretum to feature new plants

By Catherine Chambless, Staff Writer

New plants are coming to Armstrong State University’s arboretum, which spans the school’s 268-acre campus. Grounds Superintendent Philip Schretter says that new plants will soon be featured around campus. Such plants will include Toona Sinesis, a Chinese mahogany, Acer Sikkimense, a species of maple and Eucalyptus Bicostata, a Victoria Blue Gum.

Groundskeeper Janice Nease is excited for the newest additions. She says the university has received shipments from four different plant nurseries. “These are not your typical Lowe’s or Home Depot plants. Some of these are very rare,” Nease said.

One of the newest features on display in the arboretum is focused on recycling. The large, green, Big Belly receptacles can be seen throughout campus. The receptacles are solar powered and allow for the campus community to both throw away and recycle their trash. Arboretum grounds foreman, Mike Carr, explained, “The waste compactor will reduce sidewalk litter, and the recycling containers will contribute to the sustainability of our campus community.”

Future plans for the arboretum include making Armstrong a Tree Campus USA. The program recognizes college campuses that successfully manage their trees on campus.

“I think this designation would be a nice reward for a university that already places a great importance on its trees,” Schretter said. In order to bring about this addition, Schretter mentioned that the involvement of students and faculty will play a key role in achieving this future aspect.

Armstrong’s arboretum is open to the public seven days a week during daylight hours.