Form and Content Gallery Photo Story

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  • Form & Content Art Gallery

  • On March 2-9, 2021 the Form & Content gallery is open in the Art Building.

  • The gallery features several sculptured created from unconventional items. This one by, Abby Schulich, is made from flossers.

  • Another type of sculpture in this gallery were those made of folded and rolled foam board like this one by Katie Vennett.

  • Vanessa Franquez’s Paper Planes is another piece made of foam board and ink that has been folded to create an interesting structure.

  • This piece by Syrin Webb Johnson, titled A Brisk Wall, was created by watercolor and ink on paper.

  • On the walls around the sculptures, various works were displayed. This ink drawing by Anna Forbes caught the eye of Chase Taylor, a student who was visiting the gallery. Taylor says that this is his favorite piece in the gallery “because of the style of the lines and the…clash between animals and humans.”

  • This sculpture by John Ceaser, titled Film Fly, is made of wire and 35mm film.

  • Another sculpture titled Negative Enigma by Tyler Lane Ruarks, is made from pieces of a card board puzzle.

  • This untitled sculpture by Anna Forbes is made from fabric, polyfill, yarn, beads, and thread.

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