Ways to Still Have A Summer Break While Taking Classes


You want to make up for lost credits or speed up your college progress. Maybe you learned the course you’ve been eyeing is only offered during the summer. So, you decide to enroll in summer classes.

You feel like you’re signing away summer for textbooks. How can you make sure you get to enjoy the summer you’ve waited all year for?

Here are some ways you can still enjoy your summer if your classes are taking over your calendar.

Make a schedule for yourself
Look over your course load and decide what days and times you will dedicate to schoolwork. By getting on a schedule, it will be easier to prioritize the rest of your day. If you know you’re going to be doing homework every Monday and Wednesday from noon to 2 p.m., you know you will be able to have fun in the sun at 3 p.m. Guilt free.

Reward yourself
Create a reward system for your summer semester. Just finished taking a quiz? Treat yourself to the pair of shoes you’ve been wanting. Finally submitted that research paper? Have a beach day with your friends. Giving yourself something to look forward to as you conquer your small milestones will never allow your summer courses to feel like a chore.

Be social
Summer courses are usually more intimate than fall and spring courses. Use this time to get to know your peers and build relationships with your professors. You never know who you can connect with by simply putting yourself out there. You could end your summer with new campus friends or an even mentor.

Take up new activities
What’s a hobby you’ve been wanting to start but haven’t gotten around to? Use your free time to start something new. School can be a little draining, and we all need ways to take our minds off grade percentages. Filling your mind with a new, exciting hobby is a good way to give you a boost in creativity and motivation.

Switch up your location
Who says you have to study inside? You don’t have to miss out on the beautiful weather just because you’re getting ahead in your academics. Bring your computer outside and enjoy the breeze. Look into audio versions of your readings and take a stroll with your headphones. Do your discussion posts by the pool. Anything you can do to get out of the house is almost guaranteed to help you succeed. Don’t limit your summer semester to your desk.