Publix coming to Statesboro next fall

Ashlynn Melnyk, Correspondent

Statesboro’s new Publix supermarket opens next October with a Georgia Southern bus stop to take students to and from the store.

Located across the street from the RAC center entrance way, this supermarket will be part of a larger 66,000 foot shopping center with up to five shops and two buildings.

 A nail and hair salon are set to occupy two of these spaces already, with the possibility of three new restaurants. Originally, this location was set to be used for the build of Tormenta stadium, although the Statesboro mayor and council decided that Publix had to come first

The Publix supermarket will bring additional help to the Statesboro community as an employer, supplying a couple hundred jobs to Statesboro. 

Additionally, the building will bring a new look to the original Publix supermarket. Similar to a South Carolina Publix, this building will have not only an extended balcony with mezzanine style, but also a cafe area with free wi-fi.