Freshmen hopeful for all A’s and lots of friends their first year

Daniel Stackhouse, Correspondent

Hoping for all A’s and connections that will last a lifetime, incoming freshmen are beginning their college years getting comfortable with the campus this week.

Georgia Southern has given new students the opportunity to get accustomed to the campus with a few days between move-in on Friday and Saturday and the start of classes on Wednesday. 

Students like freshman T.J. French have been able to get comfortable quickly.

“So far it’s awesome, I mean I’ve only been here two days, but the environment’s awesome,” said French. This is my first time walking around campus. It’s a really nice campus. It’s got a nice little city life to it. I’m from a little north side of Atlanta. So this is kind of a different vibe out here.”

Prior to classes, students have been able to iron out straightforward resolutions for the year. French, among several others, has chosen to prioritize his studies.

“Well good grades, obviously,” French said. “I’m also trying to make a lot of good connections that can last a long time. Things like that.

Freshmen Breece Whatley and Bess Moore shared similar sentiments as French. Both want to keep good grades as well as meet new people. As did freshman Jack Barone.

“Finish with all A’s or above and just enjoy myself,” Barone said when asked about his resolution for the school year.

Others like freshman Abigail Spaulding have fitness resolutions in mind.

“I’m definitely gonna work out,” Spaulding said. “We started going to the gym and stuff so I’m really excited for that because the RAC is really cool.”