Police bust up crate challenge at RAC field

UPD breaks up new ‘dangerous’ Tik Tok challenge


Kyle Jenkins

Screenshot from a video showing University Police sending students away from the RAC field where they were trying to complete Tik Tok’s Milk Crate Challenge.

Eden Hodges, Editor-in-Chief

Over 150 students gathered-round a pyramid of milk crates Thursday testing themselves to walk up and down the stack in a Tik Tok Milk Crate Challenge which got broken up by University Police citing safety concerns.

An impromptu text to a GroupMe group chat with over 550 members brought a crowd of students to the RAC field to try out the challenge, according to George-Anne photographer Kyle Jenkins in attendance.

The task of walking up five or six crates and to walk back down may seem deceptively easy to many that end up falling on their face, and Tik Tok has since banned the challenge from their search, saying the challenge “glorifies dangerous acts”.

UPD responded to a call from a third party concerned with possible injuries, said Jennifer Wise, director of communications. People surrounding the stack of crates were there to catch people falling off, said Jenkins, but as soon as someone fell with no one to catch them, UPD busted up the gathering.

Screenshot from a Snapchat video taken by Kyle Jenkins showing someone making their way down the pyramid of milk crates outside the Vault apartments.

Naturally, the party moved elsewhere, and a new pyramid of milk crates was constructed in the Vault parking lot on concrete instead. Students continued past sundown, according to Jenkins.