Fully vaccinated can win up to $5000 in GS’ random drawing

Regardless of vaccination location or date, all fully vaccinated can enter GS’ weekly drawings of $500

Eden Hodges, Editor-in-Chief

Fully vaccinated students, faculty and staff can win prizes through the month of September in weekly drawings, regardless of their vaccination location, Georgia Southern announced Monday.

The first weekly drawing ends this Friday, and entries can hope to have their name drawn to win $500 or a University Store gift card of the same amount.

Each week, the students that wins the drawing will get $500 deposited into their student account, which can go toward tuition, books and more, or the faculty or staff member that wins will get $500 to go towards things like research, travel and conference registration expenses, said Vice President of University Communications, John Lester.

Georgia Southern will draw one winner every Friday until September 30, when they will draw two winners for the grand prize. The winning student will get one semester of an unlimited meal plan and one semester free in university housing or $5000 cash. The winning employee will receive a reserved parking space in the place of their choice for a year and $2000 in professional development funding, or $2500 cash.

Each week, the winner has the choice of taking a gift card instead. Next week offers $500 credit with Campus Recreation and Intramurals that can be spent with the GS golf course, shooting range or Southern Adventures. The third week offers credit at the Tech Corner, and the final week offers credit with Athletics for tickets, parking and concessions.

Anyone fully vaccinated can enter the drawing here or through their MyGS page. Proof of vaccination is required to claim your prize.