SGA focused on bringing back in-person events

SGA focused on bringing back in-person events

Shay Parker, Correspondent

As we transition back into “normal” this semester, the Student Government Association is promoting more in-person events and focusing on improving students’ mental health.

“We’re having GSU Idol, which was something that we used to have and we were unable to have it last year due to COVID so we’re bringing that back on Wednesday October 27 at 6 p.m.,” said SGA President Alexis Belvin.

Some of their main focuses besides transitioning back from COVID-19 are informing students about mental health and educational resources that are available for them to use.

“I think one that we can all agree on, the one that we take extremely seriously is mental health,” said Monique Edwards, Senator of the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences. “Our SGA president has told us that that’s one of the initiatives that she wants to stick with.”

The Student Government Association offers resources for students like Eagles for Eagles, Guses Garments, the food pantry and intend to help solving any issues that may arise within the student body. This includes financial help for individuals and organizations as well as clothing and food. 

The SGA serves as the liaison between students and upper administration and expresses students’ concerns to the appropriate faculty member, according to Belvin.

“Students who are not in SGA are allowed to come to the event or our senate meetings and at the end of the event we open the floor up for any student who may have a concern.” said Alexis Belvin.

The SGA is now meeting again in person every other Monday at 6 p.m., alternating campuses every month. These meetings are open to the public to attend and voice their concerns.