The pros and cons of changing your major

Thinking about changing your major?

Vanessa Countryman, Correspondent

The ultimate benefit of changing your major is that you would be able to study what you love, but your timing could affect your graduation. 

Ultimately, changing your major will change what your pathway to graduation looks like as it will change what classes you have to take and when you take them, but this can be absolutely worth it if you love what you are studying and are able to reach those goals you set for yourself,” said Jennifer Syno, director of advising.

Syno did include that changing your major earlier in your academic career is less likely to change your progression toward graduation.

“That being said, it is common for students to change their major and we encourage students to explore their options and find what is best for them,” Syno said.

The Major and Career Exploration Center (MACE) is a way to explore and learn more about career options. 

Students attending Georgia Southern can change their major by submitting a request in the MyGeorgiaSouthern Portal. It can take 7-10 business days for that change to be processed.