Students thoughts on the ‘new normal’


Morgan Bridges, Correspondent

Considering the decline of cases following the rampant Delta variant, students have begun to wonder what post-COVID will look like. 

Many students are wondering if there will ever be a return to pre-COVID  normalcy or if the pandemic has changed the scope of life completely. Students are divided in their opinions of the collective response to the pandemic and lessons learned following it. 

“The lesson learned here is that we are not all on the same page,” said freshman Biology major Ashanti Southall. “I want to say we will have learned something after all of this, that there will be a new normal.” 

“Now is the new normal, with masks, vaccines, and everything else, well, the choice to continue doing these things if we choose to,” said senior Film major Denisha Spivey. “Honestly though, I don’t think we have learned anything from this, collectively. Some of us have just learned to make better, healthier choices.” 

Other students are still hopeful life will go back to the way it was before the virus first emerged. 

“Hopefully things will go back to normal, like before COVID even started. I think we have formed nice habits over time, but I think they will eventually widdle off,” said IT freshman Jacob Bedgood.