Speaker delivering the Stockholm Prize in Criminology, lecture in domestic violence

Morgan Bridges, Correspondent

Expert criminologist will visit Georgia Southern’s campus Tuesday to speak on domestic violence issues.

Lawrence Sherman’s lecture “Policing, Violence, and Mental Health: The Case of Domestic Homicide“ will explore research surrounding domestic violence and the effects of a suspect’s arrest on their partners. While he’s here he will also present the Stockholm Prize in Criminology in Veazy Hall and a global, streamed address.

Sherman’s extensive background as an analyst has led him through experiments “in over 50 police agencies on four continents and training over 2,000 police leaders.” He has also done research on ways to cut down on fatal shootings by police

Through these experiences, Sherman witnessed violence in both the domestic space and policing firsthand and has developed theories for policies against each. 

His research operates as a basis for improvement against domestic violence, police corruption, gun crime, among many others. 

The lecture will take place in the Performing Arts Center from 7 p.m.- 8 p.m. on November 2.
For more information on Professor Sherman and this lecture can be found on the GS website.