Hearing rumors of a snow day?

Statesboro looks at some wintry weather ahead

Briyanna Thompson, Sports Managing Editor

Incoming rain and low temperatures could turn into ice and freezing rain in the northern coastal Georgia area, but it shouldn’t affect any normal Georgia Southern operations.

The last time GS closed due to snow or inclement weather was January 3, 2018, according to Jennifer Wise.

Temperatures are expected to drop to 30 degrees between late Friday evening and Friday night. Freezing rain may occur for more inland areas of southeast Georgia, near the north part of I-16. Those traveling inland or north where freezing rain is a greater possibility should watch out for icy spots on bridges and elevated surfaces, according to WJCL

While local meteorologists say to be cautious while traveling from Friday night through Saturday morning, they also say that there is no need to cancel any plans as the precipitation will most likely be gone before the early morning, and any ice accumulated will begin to melt as temperatures rise. It looks like GS will just have to continue to wait for a snow day.