Homecoming Week 2022

Kyle Jenkins, Photojournalist

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  • Homecoming week was kicked off by the annual T-shirt giveaway. The lines were long but students waited patiently and diligently to collect their official Homecoming shirts!

  • After Collecting their shirts, students were also able to create their very own mixtape. Cd’s and sharpies were provided by UPB Staff and facillitated this fun break for students looking to get crafty.

  • Tuesday marked the beginning of the Sculpt-it event. Student organizations competed to make the most elaborate Y2K sculpture with non-perishable food items

  • One example of the sculptures was this butterfly displayed with “Y2K”. Students made sure to take pictures and to not knock down these art pieces through the week.

  • Coca Cola sent out a representative to hand out their new “Dreamworld” flavor. Throughout the giveaway, students were taking full advantage of and taking one, or many while passing by.

  • Georgia Southern faculty and staff were enjoying the Coke giveaway as well as the students.

  • On Wednesday night, the 2000’s Foam Party took place. The line for the custom made “2000’s style” trucker hats stretched across all of sweetheart circle

  • The hat artists were hard at work creating the hats for the excited students. Through the night the artists kept up good spirits and were happily making the hats

  • The main event of the Foam Party was the live music. Students gather in front of the stage to dance to their hearts content.

  • Thursday hosted the Back to the 2000’s BBQ Competition. Ibrahim Fadesire and the rest of Phi Beta Sigma won

  • Friday was the day of the Homecoming Parade! The marching band put on a show while marching past the Marvin Pittman building. They even stopped to play a couple of songs for the crowd!

  • After the parade was the announcements for Homecoming Court. The official Duke and Duchess were announced as follows; DeAndre’ Coles representing Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., and 2022 Homecoming Duchess, Isabella Nobles representing Chi Omega

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