Fire Building Clinic!

Alanda Green, Photojournalist


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  • Southern Adventures Of CRI Hosted a Fire Building Clinic in the woods across from the RAC on Wednesday, October 5, 2022 !

  • Wilson Calhoun, A Instructor from Southern Adventures gave instructions on how to build a fire from natural resources in the woods using a match.

  • Grayson Gould, along with other participating students gathered fire wood to the big fire pit!

  • Students along with staff members show off their fire building skills with the big fire pit!

  • Zach Myers and Jay Churchwell outsource natural resources to start building their own fire!

  • Grayson Gould, Jay Churchwell, and Zach Myers start putting their natural resources together to start building their fire.

  • More Participating students gathered natural resources to build their own fire as well!

  • Grayson Gould and Jay Churchwell got their own fire started!

  • Students show off their fires that they built from scratch!

  • Students enjoying their fires.

  • Zach Myers putting out the big fire pit.

  • Staff members and Students watch Zach out out the fire.

  • Olivia Woodworth, One of the instructors from Southern Adventures demonstrates to Zach and other Students how to properly put out the fire to ensure it is out.

  • Southern Adventures followed by students go back into the trail in the woods to get back to the RAC.

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