Polar Bear Plunge!

Alanda Green, Photojournalist

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  • A part of the CRI staff, Eliza Russell, dressed up as a polar bear for the Polar Plunge Event on January 26.

  • Jalen Turk (Left) and Jaylen Washington (Right) came out to the event and had a great time being a part of the Polar Plunge.

  • Chase Simington, a CRI staff member, is serving students hot cocoa.

  • Even members of the football team came out to the Polar Plunge! Chris Crouch (Left), Colton FitzGerald (Center), and JC French (Right) enjoyed the hot tub and hot cocoa.

  • Big thanks to the CRI staff, including Luke Corbett, Cardyn Smyth, Chase Simington, and Cameron Cheathamfor, for putting this event together at the RAC outdoor pool.

  • GSU students, Na’ilah Moore (Left), Imani Moore (Center), and Danyel Davis (Right), sit by the fire and have bonfire talk.

  • Christa Moore (Left), Ariaireaonia Simons (Center), and Nashean Etheredge (Right) are in the hot tub relaxing.

  • Crystal Moore and Brian Bratcher after their dip in the hot tub.

  • Jackson Clough goes in for a canon ball in the pool!

  • The aftermath of Jackson Clough’s canon ball!

  • Nicholas Joyner, a finance student, enjoying his time in the pool after a long day of school.

  • Nicholas Joyner showing off his surfboard skills in the pool!

  • Nicholas Joyner posing for another picture on the surfboard.

  • Jackson Clough, a finance major, shows off his surfboard skills.

  • Jackson Clough does a hand stand on a surfboard in the pool!

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