GSU Quadball Team

Briana Corlee, Photo Editor

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  • Walking up to the RAC around 8pm, you will find six circular goals and the Georgia Southern Quadball team.

  • Quadball, a game inspired by the Quidditch matches in the Harry Potter books, was created in 2005. Georgia Southern began their own team in 2016.

  • The Quadball team scrimmages each other by wearing different color headbands during practice. These two players are getting ready to grab their “broomsticks” and begin playing.

  • Lucas Ogletree, a Georgia Southern alum, acts as the head coach for the team.

  • The team guards the hoops in order to keep their opposition from scoring. Number 13, Danielle Olivier, says “finding people you fit in with at college can be challenging, but this team was where I found my home here at Southern. I hope that I have helped others feel the same”.

  • Erik Raymond, number 4, has been nicknamed “RikRay” by the team. Each member wears a jersey with their number and nickname to practice every week.

  • The players make their way around the field on “broomsticks” and carry slightly deflated volleyballs, called Quaffles.

  • Jasmine Walker, a beater, is getting ready to throw a slightly deflated dodge-ball, called a bludger at the opposing team.

  • The team gets set up for another round. Elizabeth Bernal says the game “has many moving parts but that is what makes it fun because there’s something major going on in the game only for the keeper or a beater to turn stuff on its head.”

  • If a player that is hit by a bludger, they must dismount their broom and run back and round their hoop before continuing to play.

  • Two players wrestle for control of the Quaffle during the game.

  • There are two ways to score in Quadball. The first is getting the quaffle through one of the hoops, which awards your team 10 points. The other is for the snitch to be caught, which awards your team 30 points and ends the game.

  • During a game of Quadball, all players must be mounted on a broomstick, which can be made out of materials like wood or PVC piping. The stick must be between the legs at all times.

  • The golden snitch in Quadball is actually a tennis ball in a long yellow sock attached to the “snitch runner”, who is a neutral player who avoids both team’s seekers.

  • Number 11, Elizabeth Bernal, is a junior criminal justice and criminology major on the team. She says “I love that it is not only a great way of getting out to be social with friends but also getting some cardio in as well. However, I my favorite part is the game itself.”

  • Tristan Wheeler, number 57, is a chaser on the team. He is attempting to throw the Quaffle through the hoops to score points for his team.

  • Eva Hindman, number 88 on the team, is getting ready to start a match with “broomstick” in hand.

  • Students interested in joining sit in and watch a scrimmage during practice.

  • Erik Evans, a senior, would tell interested individuals “Its a fun game with a good group of people that promotes sportsmanship and teamwork. Come to practice at 8:00pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays to find out. We host lots of events and are a welcoming and inclusive group.”

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