The student led, student read news organization at Georgia Southern University

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The student led, student read news organization at Georgia Southern University

The George-Anne Media Group

The student led, student read news organization at Georgia Southern University

The George-Anne Media Group

Comparing the Number of Alcohol Violations: GS and other Georgia Universities


Georgia Southern University, Statesboro Campus, has more Liquor Law arrests in 2021 and 2022 than Georgia State, Georgia Institute of Technology and Kennesaw State University combined, according to Clery Reports. The Clery Act is a law that requires colleges and universities to annually report their most recent three years of campus crime policy and statistics.

These years combined: Georgia Southern University had 105 arrests total from 2020-2022.

  • Georgia State University: 38
  • Georgia Tech: 1 
  • Kennesaw State University: 42
  • UGA: 193

Referrals: When a disciplinary referral is established, the student will be referred for a conduct case. “Students will receive communication from our office to participate and engage in the Informal Hearing Process,” said Zwisel Gandia Torres, Associate Dean of Student Conduct and Community Standards. “Some students choose to engage; while others do not.”

  • “Those that choose to engage in the process have the opportunity to resolve their case Informally or choose to go through the Formal Hearing Process,”  said Torres. “The Formal Hearing Process allows for the student to appeal the conduct case decision if applicable.”

Liquor law disciplinary referrals 2022: Georgia Southern University had 120 disciplinary referrals.

Liquor law disciplinary referrals 2021: 

  • Georgia Southern:144
  • Georgia State University: 87 
  • Georgia Tech: 216 
  • Kennesaw State University: 141
  • University of Georgia (Main Campus): 238

Liquor law disciplinary referrals 2020: 

  • Georgia Southern: 120
  • Georgia State: 90 
  • Georgia Tech: 257 
  • Kennesaw: 180 
  • University of Georgia (Main Campus): 256

Arrests: After an arrest and the booking procedure is complete at the Office of Public Safety, the individual is transported to the Bulloch County Jail until they either make bail or go to court.

“The numbers reported for Clery are only incidents that occur on what is defined as campus property,” said Laura McCullough, Chief of Georgia Southern University Police. “Most of the student body in large metropolitan areas such as Atlanta do not live in an area that is reported to Clery, as it is not considered ‘on campus.’”

However, here is how many students live in student housing:

  • Georgia Southern Fall 2022 (Statesboro)- 4,475
  • Georgia State Fall 2021 (Atlanta Campus) – 5,013
  • Georgia Tech Fall 2022 – 8,805 
  • Kennesaw Fall (Kennesaw Campus) 2022- Numbers not available; but, according to their website, “More than 5,200 students live in eight distinctive residential communities in Kennesaw and Marietta.”

Chief McCullough was informed about these numbers and she did not wish to make any additional comments.

How GS Police decide: “Each case is determined on an individual basis according to many factors and decided by the officers using their discretion,” said McCullough. “Some factors that would be taken into account would be safety of the individual or others, severity of the incident, damages incurred, previous incidents, etc,” said McCullough, regarding how arrests or a referral is decided.

Update: The story about alcohol arrests in Wednesday’s newsletter included total enrollment figures for three other universities but failed to include Georgia Southern’s total Fall 2022 enrollment, which was 25,506. Because these numbers do not specify locations where students attend classes, they have been deleted.

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