Wheelchair basketball

Johnny Lu

As a part of Campus Recreation and Intramurals’ (CRI) program, Wheelchair Basketball starts at the Recreation Activity Center (RAC) Thursday, January 28, 2016.

Within the RAC, Intramural Sports has a wheelchair basketball league available to both disabled and non-disabled participants on Thursday evenings for a five-week season during the spring semester.

Considered one of the major disabled sports practiced, wheelchair basketball is described as basketball accustomed to be played people in wheelchairs.

“It’s positive to see disabled sports practiced and expanded among a college community,” Taylor Anderson, RAC staff and computer science major, said. “The program became so popular here that our website even added a handbook and scheduling forms just for wheelchair basketball.”

Years ago, the Multicultural Student Center and the Student Disability Resource Center even held a Wheelchair Basketball Demonstration to inform students of the sport.

International studies student Jessica Smith helped out with the event.

“Students and participants were welcomed to learn the rules of the game and then shoot for the goal while sitting in a chair,” Smith said. “It’s great to see how far the sport’s come at Georgia Southern. These demonstration events are a great way to kick off each season’s games.”

Intramural Sports provides online rules and handbooks for their programs’ sports such as wheelchair basketball, softball and bowling and offers information on how to get involved.